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1 July 2008

Dear Stacey Manton,

Two weeks ago, I visited the City Art Galery in Manchester and I have seen with greatest interest some picture of yours, in particular the banjo player.

Here is my story : I spend one year and half in Manchester in 1986-1987 as at a researcher at the European Institute for the Media. It was my first stay in UK and I was fascinated by the city and the people. I did purchase a camera and I have several pictures of elderly people seating on public banks exactly as on your pictures.

I remember that I arrived from Belgium very early the 6 May 1986 and I made my fisrt walk in the city center. The city was desert, but in Market Street there was a banjo player with its metallic blues. It made me a terrific impression. Later, I did make some photos of the City, including two pictures of banjo players (se attachement). I do not know if there are a lot of banjo players in Manchester and I guess it may be the same that on your picture. Do you know if there are any recording by him ?

I am preparing a private film on my Manchester memories (just for private circulation) and I wonder if you could allow me to use some of your pictures in alternance with my own.

Thank you in advance.
Kind regards.
André Lange

22 January 2009

Hi there,
I am Maggie Williams, I would like to tell you about an art student Andrea Holms at Macclesfield College doing her first year of her Art Degree.  Andrea was so inspired by your work at the Manchester Gallery, particularly Barefoot in the street, she has made a model of a man, full size, made out of modrock, covering him in clothes and finally covering him in the big issue.  the results are so good, I thought you might like to go along to see him, if you are in the area.  He will be on display in the Art Department from Monday 26th Feb.  I appreciate you may be very busy.

Maggie Williams

Dear Stacey,

We were very pleased to meet you at the Art Gallery today. We bring the boys in fairly regularly but it was so interesting to see an artist at work - and thank you for being so willing to speak and explain things to the boys. I should have thought to ask you more about your paints and brushes - my 8 year old was fascinated later when getting his paints out with how many different brushes you had been using. Also - were you painting on board today - he thought so and I didn't notice.

You saw their portraits of WHH - well as promised, here are their portraits of you from the photo we took - in order by Ben 8, Harry 6 and Alfie 4 (who also gave you a few friends). Hope the files are not too big - I have only just mastered moving photos onto the pc and have not yet worked out how to reduce the KBs they take up. Anyway - if you can open them, maybe they will make you smile - thank you for being their willing victim! It was a great idea to do the up to date version of the Lantern Maker's Courtship - we may well not have ventured into a William Holman Hunt exhibition usually - but speaking to you  gave us an introduction to understanding the difficulties caused by the painting and therefore an interest in it. We did in the end spend some time later in the exhibition as a whole - and in the community room which had been very well put together for this exhibition. How  interesting that you again had difficulties in getting subjects for the work when trying to recreate it today. We thought your work in the CIS gallery was fantastic and have now poured over your website.  If you have any prints of the Chorlton bench seasons trio - or of the final Chorlton bus stop, I'd be interested to know the price. We brought home 4 of your postcards and we now have 2 favourite Manchester artists -  you for people and Liam Spencer for city buildings. Anyway - time to get the boys down - but you really did make our day at the Gallery today. Best regardsGisele, Mark, Ben, Harry and Alfie Shutt.
Hi Stacey,
Over the past 12 months I have visited the Manchester Art Gallery specifically to re-visit your work on display. I absoloutley adore your bare foot in the street.  This is a magnificent piece of art. I have grown up in Greater Manchester and recognise some of the subjects you have painted.
Michael Graham
Dear mr manton
It was with great suprise last november that i was told my mother along wih two of her friends were in a painting in the manchester art gallery .(3 ladies on a bench wilbraham road chorlton ).we all went down to veiw the painting ...and were amazed at how well it was done captured my mother ( the lady in the centre in a red coat ) to perfection ..she had died 2 years previous ..and she would have been so flattered if she had seen it ..and also to learn she was on a cd cover too ...its strange how things can just appear out of the blue ....i had meant to write earlier ..but never got round to it
best regards ...malcolm
You have a real talent !!! , Well done - your paintings are the ones that I remember on my visit to Manchester Art Gallery, that surely says something !!!
Tom Maudsley
My husband and I went to Manchester Art Gallery yesterday.
We saw your work there and were totally 'knocked out', so to speak. We went through the whole gallery and didn't see a thing that we though was even
NEARLY as good. ( I usually go nuts over the Pre-Raphaelites! LOL!)  Now I have looked at your on-line gallery, I am even more impressed.

Wishing you every success with your future.
Kind regards
Dianne Lam
Hi Stacey,
I have just purchased a poster of Barefoot in the Street 2004 after seeing the original in Manchester Art Gallery. The gentleman in the picture is called Ken and I was his social worker for some time. You will be glad to know that Ken is now living in his own flat in Manchester after living rough in the streets. He is a great character with a really interesting past. I just thought you would like to know what happened to him.
Tim Howard

I was with my wife looking at your painting of barefoot in the street in the 'city art gallery' last Sunday when my wife said ''i know this guy in the painting '' 
She works for RBS in West Didsbury and thinks this chap in the picture was one of her customers before his death a few years ago . We also live in Northenden and used to see him around the area . We were just wondering if it was perhaps the same person we think it  is .
Any way we enjoyed your work and our trip to the gallery  and with our friends from Withington enjoyed spotting various places where you have painted your subjects.

Kind regards
Andrew Leach