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Manchester Evening News May 17th 2016
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Manchester Evening News (article)
May 17th 2016

A clipping from the Manchester Evening News about the latest exhibition on 19th of May 2016.

Great to see my work in print along with other such talented artists in this full-page colour piece.
A Northern School Revisited - Exhibition Opening

A film of the opening night of the "A Northern School Revisited"
Exhibition at Clark Art Gallery in Hale Cheshire. A record 650 people attended this event. The major book, "A Northern School Revisited" by author Peter Davies was also launched at the exhibition.
This book is an updated version of Peter Davies iconic 1989 book "A Northern School" which is now highly collectable. The new book covers over 100 years of northern art and brings the Northern School story right up to date and includes the most well-known of the current generation of northern artists.
Over 100 paintings and drawings by northern artists past and present were on display, the largest range of northern school work ever shown in a northern gallery.

For more information please visit
Northern Art at Clark Art Ltd,

Artists Featured:
L.S. Lowry, Helen Bradley, William Turner, Theodore Major, John Thompson, Adolphe Valette, Alan Lowndes, Fred Yates, Peter Brook, BRAAQ (Brian Shields), Simeon Stafford, Liam Spencer, Stacey Manton, Roger Hampson, Sheila Fell, Reg Gardner, Harold Riley, Maurice Wade, Trevor Grimshaw, Bob Richardson, Brian Bradshaw, Helen Clapcott, Ken Howard and many more.
The Gent - True Grit
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The Gent - True Grit

Meet Stacey Manton, a Northern artist with a searing eye for the raw side of urban life.

L.S. Lowry. Roger Hampson. William Turner.

The North has a proud tradition of capturing the not-so-chocolate-box reality of life for ordinary people. Now those illustrious artists have an heir apparent: his name is Stacey Manton and he has created hundreds of portraits of the ordinary, forgotten and ignored people who inhabit the Manchester area. He is also – and you read it here first – becoming seriously collectable as his work commands the attention it deserves.

Read the full article here

The Pre-Raphaelites

Three-part series examining the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, who brought notoriety to British art in the 19th century, bursting into the spotlight in 1848 and shocking their peers with a new kind of radical art.

This second part looks at how they continued by transforming landscape painting with a microscopic examination of the natural world, some ten years before the French Impressionists.

Stacey assisted in the programme to demonstrate the traditional preparation of oil-paints and the techniques that these painters would have used. The clip shows Stacey posing as John Everett Millais but he also did close-up work of painting and sketches for Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Holman Hunt.
The Big Issue In The North
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The Big Issue (North)

"Stacey Manton’s paintings of homeless people and those on the edge of society can be unsettling. But, says Helen Clifton , they give his subjects a larger-than-life humanity" The work of painter Stacey Manton will seem strangely familiar to the eyes of most Mancunians. Maybe it’s because he has spent over a decade painting the rain-soaked redbrick doorways, tatty corner shop signs and pock-marked pavements that form the landmarks of thousands of everyday lives.

People may also recognise the human landmarks: the homeless drunk they encounter daily while hurrying to get to work or step over on the way to Superdrug....

Art of England
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Art of England - The Art of the North

Bill Clarke of Clarke Art in Hale, Cheshire specialises in Northern art and at the end of March his gallery is holding a major show of works by artists who take their inspiration from the North. In this article he dicusses the appeal of Northern art and talks about some of his favourite Northern artists. Of the current crop of young contemporary artists, Stacey Manton (b.1971) stands out from the crowd. He lives in Stockport and his work is based on life in and around Greater Manchester. The focus of his work is the people we see every day in the city centres. For Stacey these are the people who make the place special. His subjects are the people who are normally overlooked - the old, the frail, the drunk, the destitute, the disenfranchised or the plain comical. His paintings have regularly been exhibited in Manchester City Art Gallery and he is an artist destined for great things.
Slick Chic
Manchester Evening News

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Manchester Evening News (headline)

A clipping from the Manchester Evening News about one of the subjects in Stacey's 'Slick Chic' painting.

The art collector who now owns the painting took great delight in saving this press clipping. It is now part of the provenance. 'Hearing the plight of the subjects of my paintings is as fascinating to me as the paintings themselves.'
Stacey Manton
Speed painting

People always ask how I build my paintings up so I decided to do a speeded up video to give a greater insight into the way I work.
City Life Magazine
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City Life : i am stacey manton

City Life magazine do a piece on Stacey discussing his association with the band 'I am Kloot' and his choice of subject matter.

Stacey’s art proclaims a strong individual identity.

Such work is indeed compelling: sincere portrayals of discarded or overlooked members of society, e.g. winos or just plain old folks.