Stacey Manton is a professional artist and painter following an age-old tradition of figurative painting.
Living in Stockport his work is mainly based on life in and around Greater Manchester.

With a background in design and advertising, having no formal art school training, Stacey spent over fifteen years in the industry as a commercial illustrator and has worked in many different styles and media.

It is the process of painting which has been the incentive for his work along with his interest in people and their ways.
The focus of his work is the people we see every day, aspects of life and the human condition.

The subjects being the overlooked, the old, the frail, the drunk, the destitute, the disenfranchised, or the plain comical.
For Stacey these are the people who make a place special.

Some of them we see everyday, without actually looking. 'I hoped that somehow by painting these people it would help me and others think, learn and
maybe undestand a little more about everyday folk.'


Stacey at the worskshops doing painting demonstrations for
Manchester City Art Gallery
Aun Apprendo

Aun Apprendo (Still
Learning) After Goya